Date JANUARY 21st - FEBRUARY 18th
Element Air
Traits Assertive, progressive, and humanitarian
Power Colours Light blue
Lucky Numbers 3
Crystal Lpis Lazuali
Flower Orchid
Super Power To use intelligence to save the world
Advice Stay open to compromises in life

Aquarius’ symbol is the water bearer, which many believe represents the truth and pure intentions that they bring to the world. Aquarius, you are very upfront people, you don’t play around or risk being part of any shady business. You tell it how it is even if other people don’t like it. Some people find you aloof or cold, but you just prefer to keep your emotions to yourself.

You love to spend time deep in thought, especially when it's about matters of society. You want to save the world and you’ve got the engineering and intellectual smarts to actually make it happen.

Every Aquarian is a rebel at heart: air signs despise authority and anything that will restrict them. Free-spirited and eccentric, you’re recognised by your offbeat fashion style, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude.