Date MARCH 21 - APRIL 20
Element Fire
Traits Passionate, courageous, honest
Power Colours Red
Lucky Numbers 9
Crystal Quartz
Flower Honeysuckle
Super Power To lead and inspire others
Advice Practice patience and gratitude to avoid losing your cool

Bold and brave, you are ruled by Mars, the hot red planet named after the Roman god of rar and action. Aries, you love a challenge and will run headfirst into almost any situation that catches your eye. You act first, think later, which gets you in hot water sometimes, but it’s also what makes you so exciting and fun to be around. You’re always up for new experiences and have a glass half full attitude.

Of all the Zodiac signs, you’re the most young at heart and completely raw with your emotions. You have an impulsive nature and love taking risks. You definitely live life in the fast lane, but it’s just because you want to live life to the max! Your challenge is to slow down and celebrate the small things every once in a while.