Date JUNE 21 - JULY 22
Element Water
Traits Intelligent, imaginative, and sympathetic
Power Colours Silver
Lucky Numbers 2
Crystal Ruby
Flower White Rose
Super Power To be loving and nurturing
Advice Don’t fear being free and independent

Sensitive, sympathetic, and just a little bit moody, you’re known to wear your heart on your sleeve. Cancerians are said to really feel other people’s emotions, which is why you’re such a great friend in need, and someone people feel like they can confide in. At your best you’re loyal, caring, and intuitive, but at your worst you can be guarded, overly-sensitive, and resentful.

You are represented by the crab, an oceanic creature who lives between the sea and the shore. Under threat, you go into your shell and may come off as cold and distant. However, in your element you’re a natural sea-farer, someone who navigates life with a high degree of intuition and compassion. Don’t get weighed down by minor hurts and sensitivities. When you let your gentle, genuine nature shine, the world is your oyster.