Thanks to Covid19!!!

My startup journey in Paris was cut short and was forced to flee with the family before France faced lockdown. Upon returning to Sydney, my husband, Mike and I were both unemployed and it felt we’ve hit rock bottom.

I was literally 'drinking away my sorrows' one night and it hit me.

What sorrows?
We flew half way across the world to take a leap of faith, for a chance to chase my dreams with my family that cheered me on every single day, it was a rollercoaster yes but it was also a hell of a ride.

That night became a celebration.

A celebration of me – being the first Australian accepted into the Founder’s Program, being a mother of two who proudly breastfed during a meeting with the BDM of Apple, an Asian entrepreneur with the Anglo-Saxon way.

I don’t have to be in sorrow to be drinking; I don’t have to be in a bar to be drinking; I don’t have to be watching footy to be drinking. If anything, what my journey has taught me is to be true to myself, embrace my flaws, empower my strengths and at the end of the day, don’t forget to celebrate me, for being me.
I then tied this idea with another interest of mine, horoscopes... and voila!

Interstellar Beverages was born!

The concept of using horoscopes as the core of the brand is because no matter where you are, the colour of your skin, your gender, what you do, whether you’re big or small, tall or short, you have a birthday and you have a horoscope. It is about your personality, you acknowledging that and just be you.
My husband, Mike is a Leo and we all know Leo's are very VERY well known for their arrogance but the reality is every time our friends would say, "Oh that's just Mike!" So tell me, is it a criticism? Or IS it a compliment?
Here's where Interstellar Beverages is also different - rather than dictating and telling you that because you're an Aries, you should be drinking a heady Vodka drink! All our beverages have all 12 zodiac signs, and, yes, you may be an Arian but you are still you. No one should and will judge you for what ever drink you pick up, because you can just celebrate you being you.

After NASA’s discovery of a new constellation earlier this year, a NASA blog post stated that there are now actually 13 Zodiac signs, not 12 - thus putting the entire astrological chart out of whack which we are definitely aware of.
The 13th Zodiac sign is called Ophiuchus and it’s the star sign for people born between November 29 and December 17. That, of course, has a knock-on effect for every other sign, meaning the traits and personalities associated with each star sign may no longer be applicable to you.
Not to worry, we will address this and you will see Ophiuchus soon enough! :)

Having one flavour and 12 individual star sign designs.

Usually each star sign is associated with a certain style of drink based on your traits - and that is exactly what Interstellar Beverages wants to challenge. Who says that because you’re a Leo you should be drinking hard vodka?

By having the same drink but in 12 different star sign design means that no matter what star sign you are, you can pick up a drink of YOUR choice, no judgement, simply because it is what YOU want: Knowing your flaws and embrace them, challenging your strengths and empower them, never forget to celebrate you being you!

We are starting the brand off with beer and are currently talking collaboration with bespoke Gin Distilleries to talk create some exciting Gins :)

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Unfortunately we do not. All our sales are currently online only directly from this website or you can also buy in bulk cases from the Dan Murphy website.
We are working very hard to partner with some independent bars and bottle shops in Sydney CBD with the easing of Covid19 restrictions.

We currently only ship domestically in Australia. Usually up to 7-10 working days depending on your area.

We would LOVE to hear from you if you think Interstellar Beverages is a good partnering candidate with your business or brand.
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