Date MAY 22 - JUNE 22
Element Air
Traits Adaptable, curious, and affectionate
Power Colours Yellow
Lucky Numbers 3
Crystal Moonstone
Flower Lavender
Super Power To persuade and connect with anyone
Advice Embrace your outgoing nature and share your optimism with others

Gemini, you are intelligent, communicative and curious. You live for social interactions and being the life of the party. You’re famous for being talkative and getting caught up in conversations about life and other deep topics. You like variety and always keep your options open.

Geminis are an air element, which connects all aspects of the mind. Those born under the sign of Gemini are considered deep thinkers and talented problem solvers. You are generally kind, but if there’s a slither of instability about you, don’t worry! Harness your twin nature to get the most out of life and see every side of a problem.