Date JULY 23 - AUGUST 22
Element Fire
Traits Vibrant, charismatic, generous
Power Colours Orange
Lucky Numbers 4
Crystal Peridot
Flower Sunflower
Super Power To radiate loyalty and wisdom
Advice Learn to compromise in relationships sometimes, if just to keep the peace

Just like your symbol, the lion, you’re regal, powerful, and confident. Ruled by the sun, you have a tendency to think you’re the centre of the universe, and this would be annoying, if you weren’t so darn charming, warm, and welcoming. You’re a natural born leader, although this does come with some challenges, like finding it difficult to compromise with others.

Leo, you love to perform and some might say you belong on the stage. You’re known for your big energy, but you can be catty if you don’t learn to compromise. Luckily, you can lean into your many good qualities to balance out your stubborn aspect, such as your natural generosity, loyalty and caring attitude toward others. Your biggest challenge is to learn how to play nice and give more than you receive.